Women’s Income Generation Project

3 Dec

Women’s Income Generation Project

Goodness and Mercy Mission (GMM), Cameroon, West Africa desires to raise $34,400 for 100 women to be trained in business skills, management and accounting so they can run their own businesses bringing themselves and their children out of poverty. These women want to work. They care for their children and want their children to have a better future. Your donation of any amount will be an investment in the future of these innovative industrious women! Your donation will go directly to Goodness and Mercy in Africa.

Poverty in Cameroon is severe:

As many as 8 million people (about 40% of 20 million inhabitants) live below the poverty line of one US dollar per day
Roughly 7 million people suffer chronic malnutrition
In 2009 only one of every four adults was literate
In 2011 only 14 of every 100 primary school age children were enrolled in school
In 2011 children under 5 mortality rate was 155 per 1,000 births

More details here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/women-s-income-generation-project


Our story!

29 Sep

Help us to make our story a success for education!

Goodness and Mercy Missions (GMM) located in Boyo, Cameroon, is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007 to provide tools and help to the youth and disadvantaged people in the local communities. It has been carrying out this objective successful by projects on the areas of education, health, youth livelihood programs and focused programs for women.

Most recently, to address the need of new jobs for the youth and adults, Mr. Teh, the coordinator of the entity, initiated a new idea of offering computer classes. Currently, the entity was able to setup 4 used computers and provides some classes where 8 students are sharing one computer in order to learn new skills to seek new jobs in the areas nearby.
Together with UN Volunteer, a small group of volunteers decided to assist GMM initiative to create a project to expand the computer laboratory and enable more students to learn. The new project will target 40 computers and software to be purchased and installed in the classroom.

How could all of us to participate in this project?

In partnership with HINT Buea, http://www.hintonline.org, we could buy 40 brand-new computers for about €4000.
By seeking partnership with other organizations, we could receive software donation also.
And your help could be participating into the Volunteer group with new ideas for the targets above, also by contributing to the step one, which is the equipment purchase, and lastly, sharing this with your friends to increase the potential for participation and help.

For more details, please visit “About the Project” page.

For donations, please visit “How to Donate” page.

For networking, please assist distributing this web site into your social networks for awareness and potential opportunity for participation of others.
We are all looking forward to receive your feedback, support or donation.


UN Volunteer Project Team and GMM